POP Series Backpacks

Mack POP Series Backpacks

Mack POP Series: Superior Carrying Experience with Durability and Quality Material

The Mack POP Series backpack offers a long-lasting design with its abrasion-resistant, water-repellent, and waterproof fabric. Produced in Turkey, this special backpack complies with European Union standards and is free from harmful substances.

User-Friendly Design of Mack POP Series Backpack

Multi-Functional Use: Ideal for Work and Daily Life

The Mack POP Series can be used as both a stylish work bag and a daily backpack, thanks to its ergonomic design. Whether it’s for work or school, this backpack meets all your needs.

Convenient Compartments: Keep Your Items Organized

The Mack POP Series backpack comes with specially designed front pockets and inner compartments for your accessories. This helps you keep your items organized and provides quick access.

Waterproof Fabric and Spacious Interior: Perfect for School and Travel

With its waterproof fabric, spacious interior, and built-in pencil case, the Mack POP Series backpack is suitable for school use.

Comfortable Structure: Soft and Adjustable Shoulder Straps

The adjustable shoulder straps of the Mack POP Series backpack provide a comfortable carrying experience.

Side Pocket for Convenient Carrying: Designed for Water Bottles and Umbrellas

The waterproof backpack of the Mack POP Series features a side mesh pocket for easy carrying of your water bottle and umbrella.

Size and Color Options: Mack POP Series Backpacks for Every Taste

With various color options and dimensions of 45*33*15cm, offering a 22-liter capacity, the Mack POP Series backpack provides ample storage space.

Conclusion: Mack POP Series Backpack Meets the Needs of Modern Life

Mack POP Series Backpacks combine durability, functionality, and style. Whether it’s for work, school, or daily use, this high-quality backpack is designed to meet your needs.


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