Our product acceptance and delivery hours are between at 09:00 – 18:00 on weekdays.
Acceptance and rejection decision about the products becomes certain after our service center is examined.
Finished products deliver with by hand in exchange for failure follow-up form.
If you lost your failure follow-up form you should give us your written document and photocopy of your identy card. After this process we can deliver your product.
We can not accept responsibilty if you did not take your products from our service center within 60 days.
Products must be delivered with a purchase invoice copy and a warranty certificate.

Defective Product Sending With Cargo

After reporting the defective product with contact form below or sending mail to If it is deem suitable, you can send the product to us free of charge with Yurtiçi Cargo confirmation code that we will give you.

Our Technical Service Address:

Net Aksesuar Bilişim Ürünleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi
Huzur Mahallesi Tomurcuk 1 Sokak No: 5 / A Sarıyer – İstanbul
Yurtiçi Cargo Agreement Code: 374 368 852

For Technical Service Application Form CLICK HERE

User Errors That Will Take the Product Out of the Warranty:

Improper packaging,
Cracked and broken in the product,
Playing with screws on the product or lost screws,
Dents, crushes, scratches anywhere on the product,
Malfunctions occurring during unhealthy transportation,
Playing, replacing with electronic parts,
Any part of the product is damaged,
Changing the serial number, being unreadable,
Sticking labels that cannot be removed to the product or remnants of the removed label,
Extreme heat, extreme cold, humidity, pollination,
All failures arising from electrical networks,
Interference of the product other than its authorized service,
In cases, the product will be treated outside the warranty.

“Nitelikli Elektronik ve Teknoloji”